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What's Up Doc? 

A Post Doctorate Retreat

September 7 - 10, 2017

In Santa Barbara, California


What's Up Doc? is a four-day retreat where doctors and doctoral candidates come together and co-create ideas to further their work in non-traditional fields–such as depth psychology and mythology–disciplines not yet readily recognized in mainstream culture.


As depth psychologists, mythologists, and professionals in emerging disciplines, we are challenged to find our way in a world where our skill sets may not be easily understood or valued. Upon earning our Ph.Ds., many of us find ourselves stumbling, or scrambling around, with our hard earned educations and degrees, seeking economically viable methods for serving humanity. In this retreat we will collaborate with one another to that end. 


This is an opportunity for brilliant thinkers from varying disciplines to come together and explore yet-to-be imagined possibilities for furthering our work in the world.  We will join our peers and assist one another in co-creative processes and identify ways to bring our work to professional fruition.


A Brief Summary of Your Retreat:

Meals included Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch. Lodging is not included.


  • We’ll begin each morning with optional yoga, a walk, or sport court activity followed by breakfast. Morning sessions begin at 9am, we break for lunch near noon;  afternoon sessions begin at 1:30pm, and we break for dinner at 6:00pm. Check in starts at 4:00pm on Thrusday, October 15th and we'll conclude the retreat at 4:00pm on Sunday, October 18th.


  • Day 1 ~ Thursday: Check-in between 4:00 and 5:30pm. Dinner will be served at 6:00pm. We will gather in the garden terrace for orientation and introductions, and then we’ll be off to get lost in the maze under the night stars.


  • Day 2 ~ Friday: We’ll take a morning hike to the amphitheater and invoke the field of dreams guided by our venerable guest, Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, Chancellor and Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute. In the afternoon, we will explore the archetypal aspects at play within the student-to-doctor transition, and give voice to whatever challenges, victories, and voices emerge. 


  • Day 3 ~ Saturday: We will work on reimaging and defining our professional identities. We’ll co-create ideas and conceptualize our careers as we segue from establishing our identity to forging our professional path in the world.


  • Day 4 ~ Sunday: We will delve more deeply into the work of developing our careers, and explore possibilities for ourselves, individually, and for the group as a collective. We will organize the next phase of our professional development and create plans for successful implementation and application of the work.


We are inspired–as the late James Hillman suggested–to find a new language for bringing our work into the world. This retreat speaks to that calling.


We will hike from one sacred place to another, and another, on this beautiful 20-acre private estate—from the main house to the maze, creek, and amphitheater—as we invite the muses to join us in the process of creation.  Working together, we will create and inspire career development and expansion opportunities for ourselves, and one another.


I look forward to working with you in meaningful, productive, and playful ways, as we gather together in community and address the calling of soul.


As your host, facilitator, and co-collaborator, I warmly welcome you.






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