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A Soulful Life

Treasure Hunt

A Weekend Retreat

Coming Spring of 2020

Asarum Retreats ~ Santa Barbara, California

Attendees must be able to hike moderate trails.

We are all on a treasure hunt in life. What are we searching for?

A soulful life? With love?

Join Dr. Ginger Swanson and Heather Bond, CPT for a unique weekend of deepening into soul, life, and love as we traverse the grounds known as Elysium Hills in search of hidden treasures of the heart and soul.

~ We'll traverse the mountain, cross the creek, explore the caves, wander in the meadow and find our way through the maze as we gather sacred gifts that inspire love and nurture our soul.

~ We'll engage in soul connecting and heart opening exercises and rituals.

~ We'll engage in group hypnotherapy sessions designed to connect us to our heart and soul.

~ We'll feast upon fresh organic meals prepared by our chef.

~ We'll leave with a deepened sense of purpose.

~ We'll feel more soulfully connected and loved.

Welcome to our heart and soul treasure hunt adventure!


Dr. Ginger Swanson is a depth psychologist and certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist and clinically trained dream tender. In addition to her private practice in Santa Barbara, she is a retreat host, planner and guide, leading a range of semi-annual retreats.  She helps you to identify and disengage from old destructive patterns and habits, and to find and anchor new ways of being your authentic and joyful self in the world.

Heather Bond is the owner and founder of Heather Bond Fitness and Adventures. She is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and nutrition consultant. Heather works with private clients throughout SB County. Heather also operates her adventure company where she guides groups of women into the wilds of nature and their hearts.

When Heather is not exploring or writing she brings her nutrition background, culinary skills, and adventure spirit to the amazing Santa Barbara mountain top Asarum Retreats Center.  Heather and Dr. Ginger Swanson bring magic to the events and retreats they co-facilitator together.


~A Soulful Life Treasure Hunt begins Friday, July 19th, 5pm and ends Sunday, July 21st, 1:30 pm.

~It will be held at the beautiful Asarum Retreat Center near Santa Barbara.  

~Price for retreat (all meals included) is $325 for commuters.

~Residential guests add $100 to $250 a night. Space is limited, please register early. 

~Contact or call 805.886.4716 to reserve your space.

~For more information about this retreat, email

Click below to register. Call Dr. Ginger for lodging details: 805.886.4716.

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