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Ms. Lois Mahalia


Recording Artist and Singer/Songwriter

dedicated to helping Singer/Songwriters develop their craft


Dr. Ginger Swanson


Depth Psychologist and Hypnotherapist

dedicated to helping artists clear obstacles and unleash creativity


Ruben Lee Dalton

Singer/Songwriter, Poet

dedicated to conveying to the world the healing powers of melody and language



Santa Barbara, California


Aug. 30th - Sept. 1st, 2019

Singer and Songwriter's

Playshop Agenda


Together we will:

  • learn what a "hook" is

  • mine our dreams and psyches for hooklines

  • develop our creative talent and refine our craft

  • write verses and choruses

  • play with harmonies and melodies

  • receive vocal coaching and stage performance tips

  • enjoy fireside jam sessions

  • showcase our work before guests and peers

  • perform with Lois Mahalia and Ruben Lee Dalton in the amphitheater!

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment where you may tap into the depths of your heart and soul through life, music, dreams, and camaraderie. The agenda is uniquely designed to help you—beginner and seasoned singers and songwriters—to freely access and express your creative talent and spirit.

About Lois Mahalia

Lois Mahalia currently sings and tours with Eagles legend, Joe Walsh and his band. She has toured throughout Europe, and headlined shows in Italy, Paris, and London.


Ms. Mahalia has recorded and performed with notables such as Kenny Loggins, and the late Joe Sample. She’s now recording her first original album in Nashville. 


With 1.7 million hits, and counting, on her song “Smile,” Lois has come a long way since first appearing as a five-year-old on stage with her mother, father, and three brothers in the family band in South America!

“Creating music to share my heart through my voice with the world is the best accomplishment of my life.”

~ Lois Mahalia


About Ruben Lee Dalton

Hookline Registraton

Ruben Lee Dalton started his singing career in the shower at five years old—liked what her heard—and has been singing and writing songs ever since.  Ruben has studied the power of language and lyric and is an accomplished and award winning poet. 


Because of his tour of duty during the war in Viet Nam, Ruben has had a lot to say—and does so through poetry and song. Ruben has great appreciation for the effect that a strong image and melody can have on the hearts and minds of listeners. 


Ruben has produced two CDs, and a DVD that won the “Official Music Video for the International Nature Track Film Festival” award.  He is the lead singer and songwriter for the Ruben Lee Dalton Band.

About Dr. Ginger Swanson

Dr. Ginger Swanson is a Depth Psychologist and Hypnotherapist. She has studied “what lies beneath” in dreams and life and is dedicated to helping clients clear mental obstacles so they can unleash their creativity.


Dr. Ginger's love for music and songwriting stems from her childhood when her father and uncles played guitar and sang—mostly country with a bit of Elvis inspired gospel and rock. Those days anchored her soul in music.



Dr. Ginger is "The Mama Bear" of her Santa Barbara mountain home where she provides hypnotherapy sessions for clients, and where she hosts and guides a variety of creative soul tending retreats.

"I am happiest when helping others freely live creative, authentic, and joy filled lives."

~ Dr. Ginger Swanson

"Music has led me to a community of fellow inspired artists, all seeking to make the world a safer, kinder, more thoughtful place…"

~ Ruben Lee Dalton

See you soon!

~ Ginger, Lois and Ruben

Dr Ginger Swanson Photo by Tracey Morris

Registration Information


$ 395 Early Bird Special, register now

$ 495 Regular Registration

$200 Registration deposit.


Registration includes program and meals.


We accept Cash, Checks, VISA, MasterCard, Venmo and Paypal.

Contact Info.

Call 805.886.4716



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