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Ready, Set, Write!

Memoir & More Writing Retreat


Dr. Ginger Swanson

Asarum Retreats, Santa Barbara, California


Thursday, Jan. 23 (5 pm) through Sunday, Jan. 26 (1 pm) 2020

$350 Retreat Program and Meals

This retreat is limited to 8 participants so register now!

(Lodging not included, contact for details.)

We will tap into the essence of our soul and delve into the depths of our unconscious minds as we skillfully craft our stories.

Ready, Set, Write!

  • Bring your laptops and your pens and be ready to be productive. This is a working writer's retreat!

  • We will work on outlining, structuring, and writing our stories.

  • We'll dive into the emotion that lies beneath the event and work to bring that emotion through the page to the heart of your reader.

  • We'll pay attention to "tenses" and learn how to keep our voices active and alive when weaving past with our present.

  • We'll venture off into the many beautiful writing spaces at Asarum Retreats on the grounds known as Elysium Hill and we'll write.

  • We'll listen deeply as we read and critique our writing.

  • We'll get a lot of work done and have fun while we're doing it!

Contact Info:
Phone: 805.886.4716
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