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Asarum's Essence

Small group and private couple or single retreats are offered though Asarum Retreats, an inspiring and nurturing paradise on nearly 20 acres of sacred and beautiful land in Santa Barbara, California. This is an enchanted place of respite for those in need of solace, solitude, and rejuvenation. 


Guests can relax and deepen into their work supported by the natural beauty of this powerful and sacred land. Asarum is where soul work is engaged on many levels in a variety of fields, and where the mystery and beauty of individual and collective work can be safely and comfortably explored and experienced.


Asarum is a mystical place where synchronistic moments and epiphanies abound. It is a soul tending paradise.



Asarum Retreats

Your Soul Is Calling

upon you to listen to your dreams.


Find and be inspired by those parts of your unconscious

that can help make your dreams come true.


Dr. Ginger Swanson

in Santa Barbara, California

Fri. June 30 through Sun. July 2

$295 for Three Days

Attendees must be physically able to hike moderate trails.

Beautiful shared lodging and healthy meals included. *Private lodging available at extra cost.

**Early arrival and extended stay options allow attendees to enjoy free time in the bounty and beauty of Santa Barbara, Los Olivos, and the Santa Ynez Valley.

Enjoy Ocean Excursions, Beach Walks, Wine Country Tours, Mountain Hikes, Outstanding Local Music and both

Fine and Casual Dining!  

Feed your soul, inspire your spirit, and tap into your creative energy!

A Sanctuary for the Soul
Terrain of the Wild Soul

The word "asarum" means "wild ginger" and is described as an attractive, little known perennial groundcover native to forest floors of Europe and North America. There are a number of varieties, in shades and patterns of green, with heart-shaped leaves. It is an effective and beautiful ground covering that does well in moist and shaded areas.


In Ginger's words, "I embraced the name Asarum when a friend suggested it because it speaks to my namesake and because it speaks to the terrain of the soul's journey—the wild, dark, and damp areas of the psyche--the numinous space beneath the surface in life. It speaks to places know well. This is the ground one traverses when honoring the calling of one's soul."

Group Play

Group play captures the spirit and allows the unknown to emerge. Improvisational theater, song, and dance enliven the spirit.



Retreats bring solace and gladness to the weary soul, joy and belonging to the searching soul, and continued peace to the contented soul.

Dream Tending

Dreams and dream images are gold to the alchemists because they can help to bring that which lies in the unconscious to consciousness.

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