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"The powerful, fierce feminine is very much a part of the psyche, but it is repressed... when it is acknowledged and honored, it's an incredible source of power."  ~Lama Tsulrim Allione

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By releasing the feminine from the confines of masculine/feminine definition, we are able to uncover a reality-based version of the feminine that is grounded in our felt experience beyond concepts and duality. By working with this primal energy through writing, meditation, hypnotherapy, and community interaction, we will be able to "tidy up" our inherited concepts about the feminine and hold onto that which creates joy and authenticity.
We reshape our inner and outer femaleness through depth exploration, aided by the insight and clarity of meditation. We will be able to bring home these changes through writing to prompts and communicating with others who share our journey out of confusion and into wisdom.  Thus, we can become - and help others to become - kinder, wiser and more fully integrated human beings, creating a better, more balanced world.


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Dr. Ginger Swanson is a depth psychologist and certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist. In addition to her private practice in Santa Barbara, she is a retreat host, planner and guide, leading a range of semi-annual retreats.  She helps you to identify and disengage from old destructive patterns and habits, and to find and anchor new ways of being your authentic and joyful self in the world.

Kimberley Snow, Ph.D., also of Santa Barbara, is an author, teacher, and workshop leader. Her workshops focus on combining meditation and writing as well as other dharma subjects.  Her books include In Buddha's Kitchen: Cooking and Being Cooked in a Retreat Center; Writing Yourself Awake: Meditation & Creativity; It Changes; and the recently reprinted Keys to the Open Gate: A Woman's Spirituality Sourcebook. She aspires to create bridges between traditional Buddhism and our modern way of life, especially when it comes to women.

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~The retreat begins Friday, August 9th, 5pm and ends Sunday, August 11th, 1:30 pm.
~It will be held at the beautiful Asarum Retreat Center near Santa Barbara.  
~Price for retreat (all meals included) is $295.
~Lodging arrangements available at Lemon Tree Inn.
~Contact or call 805.886.4716 to reserve your space.
~Payments accepted: PayPal, Venmo, Checks, Cash.
~For more information about this retreat, email Kimberley Snow.

May All Beings Benefit

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